10 amazing things about LinkedIn you didn’t knew

1) You get a score out of 100 by LinkedIn which helps you understand how well you are using LinkedIn. (Link for getting score in 1st comment)

2) You can get a job through LinkedIn by switching on your ‘Career Mode’ which is available on the latest version of the app.

3) You can send a connection request to influencers such as Honorable Narendra Modi,The amazing Bill Gates, Mr. Awesomeness Gary Vaynerchuk and other amazing influencers.

4) You can import all your connections on LinkedIn using ‘Add contacts’ page on LinkedIn .

5) You will be amazed to know that one out of every three professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn.

6) You can add your industry in your LinkedIn profile which would let you know how you stand amongst them through the ‘Edit Profile’ section on LinkedIn.

7) You can advise people on LinkedIn by switching on your ‘Give Advice’ option through which LinkedIn recommends you to other professionals for getting advice from you.

8) Linkedin allows you to have 30,000 connections. This is six times the number of maximum friends you can have on Facebook.

9) LinkedIn is also a hub for millionaires. In fact, 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.

10) LinkedIn allows you to publish articles through its publishing platform. It doesn’t require any knowledge of WordPress. Choose a title, select an image. Write the body down and your article is up and running.

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