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Ola Amigos !!
People are judged , whosoever it may be. Every action taken by us are being commented, and not always it has to be goody good things about you. Criticism will hit you at some point. And then what?   Are we supposed to give up? Or let yourself into gloominess ? Let me tell you, putting yourself into someone else’s frame won’t help.  Nothing can give you more peace than being yourself. YOU are important. YOUR happiness comes first than all denial in this entire world. After all uniqueness counts and every person is unique in its own way. So focus on embracing it

Do stuff that you would love to do . Nobody is perfect. Express yourself through style and don’t let judgments bother you because they ain’t paying a penny for your clothes. Let your style be personal and unique. Let your style be YOU. After all, FASHION is something that comes from within and is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having you to speak.
I have expressed MYSELF , for me what I like the most are off-shoulder tops , they are simple , yet has an edge to it, paired those with highwaisted jeans. A choker  (Myntra)  is a BFF for off shoulder tops.

To bring out a contrast I wore a brownish cream belt and to match the belt I carried an elegant plain shoulder bag.(Allen Solly)

Nudes are my current favorites , these wedges (Naturalizer)I found perfect for my outfit.

This sums up my whole look , which defines who I am. Let me know if you liked this content by hitting a like or leaving down a comment 😀 Follow up for more.


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