Benq Zowie XL2735 – A Gaming monitor review

About Benq Zowie

ZOWIE is a brand bt Benq dedicated to the development of professional e-Sports equipment. Zowie is an eccentric PC peripherals manufacturer bought by BenQ. Its name will now be intoxicated on all a company’s gaming gear.


Back to a guard itself, it sports a same rather utilitarian/gamer demeanour as a predecessor. Rough matte-black cosmetic is used throughout, bar a tiny patch of silken cosmetic on a rear. The bezel is thick and chunky, with splashes of red highlighting pivotal features.



The “Shield” or as I like to call them “blinkers” that you can opt to screw onto the sides of the XL2735 act as a sort of visor, blocking out distractions from behind the monitor, allowing you to focus in on the game and ignore you competitors banter. I personally feel like this feature would mainly benefit competitive gamers and not so much the relaxed “I’m just here for a good time” gamer but that’s what sets Zowie’s products aside from the rest, they tend to think of everything with the E-sports competitors in mind.


One of my favorite features would have to be the S-Switch, an external wired remote that sits in a small cut out in the base of the monitor, which allows you to save a few different profiles to the built-in memory so you can easily switch between them, making switching games an absolute synch. I don’t hold myself down to one genre and I’d bet most gamers don’t either, so if I wanted to switch from a game like Skyrim for example, to Diablo 3 or Master of Orion, I could have profiles saved for each genre of gaming. eg an FPS and a top-down RTS would benefit from having completely different profiles and it’s as easy and pressing a button.

The mount also offers height, tilt, revolution and focus adjustment, so we can fast and simply get this guard setup only right. In fact, BenQ has markers on a bottom and mount that concede we to symbol a ideal revolution or height, so if we ever need to pierce a guard afterwards we can dial those facilities behind in true away.

As this isn’t a G-Sync monitor, you’re not singular to only dual video inputs. Here we get a DisplayPort 1.2, dual HDMI and a DVI port.

On a left side of a row you’ll also find a two-port USB 3.0 heart and headphone and microphone jack, and a pop-out headphone stand. This whole preference is a singular best thing about this monitor.

Easy entrance for plugging in USB sticks and a available place to hang your headphones and a block for them right there too. That is, unless we ever wish to overlay a left side row retrograde and out a approach – it will hit into a ports.

Unlike several other manufacturers, BenQ hasn’t opted to use an IPS panel, yet instead sticks with TN. This is in gripping with BenQ’s aim to yield a ultimate in gaming performance; TN stays that bit faster to respond than even a latest 165Hz IPS models.

However, this choice does meant that you’ll have to put adult with a tech’s compared problems of bad observation angles and revoke altogether design quality.

BenQ also embody several design modes for removing a best out of a guard in opposite situations. These embody a Black Equalizer, that radically shifts a gamma environment to make dim areas of games seem lighter.

Also enclosed is an Advanced Motion Accelerator, that is fundamentally an overdrive environment for creation a row response even faster; and Instant Mode, that bypasses as most design estimate as probable to revoke submit lag.

LCD size 27”
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Max. Res 2560 x 1440 at 144Hz (HDMI 2.0, DP)
Display area (mm)‎ 596.74 x 335.66
Input/Output connector‎ DVI-DL / HDMI x2 / DP1.2 / headphone jack / mic jack
USB‎ Downstream x3 Upstream x1
Dimensions (HxWxD mm)‎ 559 x 633 x 226
Gross Weight 12.5


Benq Zowie XL2735 was launched in India with the price tag of  INR 60,000/-

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