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How to cure Monday Blues?

It’s just another manic Monday—or is it ? the start of the workweek can bring on a serious case of sadness. (Sometimes on episode of friends isn’t enough to battle the Monday-morning gloom.)

Luckily we’ve got some tips to help turn Monday’s into the best day of the week.


      1. Relax

So the idea is, plan outing on Fridays and Sturdays and Spend Sundays at home with friends, afterall gaming nights are fun too! This will ensure you are less sleepy and have no hangover on Monday.

Bye Bye Sore eyes!

      2. Get pumped with some tunes

A song can do wonders ! While getting ready for work on a Monday morning, turn up the stereo and groove to the music. Listening to the music can boost your mood and get you pumped for work.

      3. Dress to Kill !

Save that latest fun purchase for Monday morning! Studies prove that wearing the outfit you love can improve your mood by 10 times. Head to work with your favorite dress and have a good day !

     4. Treat Yourself

Do some online shopping during lunch hour or indulge in a piece of chocolate or even have sex. (just don’t do it in office)

    5. Smile

And lastly, smile wide! Some contagious smiles could help us make Mondays a lot better. Smile in shower, smile during the day and wave a hello to everyone you see

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