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Dos and Don’ts on a Date

Since you are feeling “This Thing” for the person that ‘He is the one’ or ‘She is the one’, let me help you with this thing taking forward. You are going to be so thankful to me at the end of the article. So there you go with some Do’s and Don’ts or let’s say these are some basic rituals of dating, which indeed will you to assure to be your ‘The One’. Let’s start without wasting much time.
And let’s first start with some Dos at your date:

This is the first one and the most important one that you shouldn’t the girl keep waiting. Not even for a minute. But I nowhere said you to be punctual. Because you need not be! Girls always take time to get ready, even though they are looking pretty they need few more minutes to stand in front of a mirror and make sure if they really do. But that also doesn’t say to consider this thing but you can spare 5-10 minutes. Don’t risk with this if you know your girl won’t get late. If this happens, oh poor boy, that’s the bad start of the date ever!

Make sure you are buying a chocolate, her favorites of course. Or a rose. A bouquet will be little more on the first date. Also if you don’t know her choice, don’t risk man.

Now we are at the part where the date gets divided into two classes: 1. Coffee date. 2. Dinner date.
Let’s see how this goes for both the classes. if it’s a coffee date, which is the first kind, buy a good, dark chocolate bar for her but save it until the end of the date.
And if it’s a dinner date, that is the second kind of date, then buy a less cliche flower! A rose, red-colored may go perfectly. Mind that ‘A Rose’ is important here.

Ask your date how is she gonna come? Even if she says she will manage to, ask her if she wants you to pick her up or insist you will. It will show her you are really so concern about her and it makes you look more genuine.

If you are choosing on a Coffee date, go for a corner and cozy sitting. Make sure she is comfortable there.
Of course, go for a King size coffee, that will give you more time to spend together. And make sure you ask her choice while ordering, as in what coffee she likes, a latte, a mocha, a cappuccino or with wiped cream or any special requirements, because girls do have some special orders.
Even on a coffee date, go for a light meal like sandwiches or burgers of fries something like that.

No matter it’s a coffee date or the big one, Dinner date, you as being a guy or I would rather say, being a gentleman, you are expected to open and hold a door for her or pull the chair for her.
Honestly, being a girl, I don’t know what pleasure this gives but it feels so good. Count this under a good gesture to be made or a consider it one of the necessary gesture on a date.

If it’s a dinner date, make sure you are done with giving ‘A Rose’ followed by a genuine compliment to her. Maybe a basic and very simple one like, ‘You look beautiful’ or ‘your hair looks stunning’ or maybe something on her dress. Don’t go complicating words otherwise, you don’t wanna jeopardize the whole date over a wrong compliment.

Find out any good gestures that will work on your date. Work as in positively, of course! Make jokes, try to be funny, don’t go out of limits though! Be sarcastic if she could handle it and if you are sure about it.

Ordering on dinner date requires a ‘ Pre-Knowledge’ about your date. You should be knowing if she likes to start with starters or the main course. Also in that, it includes the likes and dislikes about the dishes. And a boy for this, you should be done with your homework!
There is this been always a concept of homework and here it applies too! You gotta have enough and basic knowledge about the likes and dislikes of your date Which saves you at so many turns as the date follows.

If you know enough about her tastes then order the food without making much discussion.
A little Secret Time guys: ‘ Girls love dominant guys!’ Plus you are ordering her choice of food make her surprise a little.

Although you are having the food keep talking about something light and happening. Make sure she is having the meal properly. And if she needs anything.

Getting the Wine in the frame is always considered as a good thing. If you know specifically the taste for wine, otherwise better go with the white wine, which is considered sweet wine.

Make sure again you have a good, pleasant dessert after the dinner.And this also differs with the choices. But this is one the important stuff to be taken care of!

Insist to drop her home and go drop her home. It gives you an extra time to talk and give a good closer to this date. And let me wish the closer to a time being and valid until the next date.

Now Almost done with Dos and this, of course, follows your instincts which varies certainly. But there are few things which are strictly stated to be avoided on A Date. And that’s why I would like to list it out by numbering.
So here you go:

1. Don’t go for all your favorites, consider her too. Or maybe consider her only for The Date!
2. While talking, don’t start talking about past and about sad things. Don’t even go for talking about future that makes a burden. It’s your time, two of you, so enjoy it talking about two of you. Even if some topic comes out of past, answer it in one line or as short as possible and change the topic to something happening, soon!!
3. Don’t let her feel awkward about the ambiance or things around you. Chose a decent and nice and comfortable place. Maybe less noisy will do too.
4. Don’t eat faster or slower or something weird! Or rather I would say, follow the dinner table rules utmost.
5. Don’t show extra perfectness while ordering. In the sense, Don’t tell the waiter like how to cook, how much time to cook and what to add to it and what not to and stop detailing like this, it irritates the person in front of you.
6. Don’t order the champagne! It’s a date, go utmost for the scotch, that too on your own risks! Champagne is for celebration, save it for the next special moments coming up if this goes well.
7. Don’t create any weird situation which will make you feel regret later. Like any compliment, accessive talks or gossips.
8. Don’t initiate the selfie by your own guys. Let the girls ask for it. And girls, its just a matter of time, you are on a date, don’t consider this as a photo shoot. 3-4 clicks are sufficient.

And I think this is okay for now. If you need to know something more or something specific, feel free to contact the links are provided below.
Wishing you all a very Happy Week of Love! May you enjoy this season of Love with your loved ones! And let us know how did your date go!

Good luck!
Take care!

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