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Have you ever felt an urge or a desparation, so intense that you had no control over your thought process? A feeling of restlessness and nervousness, an anxiety, or difficulty facing your life head-on? Stress, due to any reason it may be, can have these effects on you. It is bad for your health, and bad for you personal growth. Don’t let stress come into the way of growing in life, don’t let one break up take away and amazing thing that you have, LIFE!

Everyone in a lifetime faces such difficult time in their lives. You, me, we are all prone to feel this sort of deep dark anxiety. All we need to do in such movements, is have a little bit of HEADSPACE!

There are many different ways in which you can achieve thought control. Some of us have a built in control, while some find it really difficult to actually have the control over our own self. This control defines our mental state and the state of our consciousness. In order to achieve this state in our day to day lives and schedules, Andy Puddicombe came up with a beautiful idea, an APPLICATION, on your smartphone, to guide you into having a little bit of HEADSPACE. The app is named HEADSPACE itself!


About Andy Puddicombe –

Persueing sports science degree, Andy had a realisation in life. He simply dropped out of the college and for ten whole years he trained into becoming a Buddhist Monk. Travelling across the world Andy had now got a vision in his life. The vision was to teach as many people as possible a great deal about the need and techniques to be able to meditate. Andy Collaborating with RICH PIERSON, made an astonishing Application and named it Headspace.

About the APP :

So this app is just like any other app that we use. This app tries to tell you and very elaborately expresses how important it is to have control over your thoughts, how mindfulness works and how meditation in daily life is so important. Ten free meditation seminars are available, on a daily basis, as soon as you join them. Once you are done using your ten day free trial, you will crave for more, because meditation can be really addictive.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rohitdutt Pujari

    March 29, 2018 at 4:09 am

    The ability to go back and forth between these sessions, the single sessions that provide meditations for specific activities or situations, and the longer meditation packs will likely be an attractive plus to existing plus to regular users who want to find more ways to apply meditation techniques to other areas of their life.

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