The Last Jedi – Foundation of New Age!

Ever since the release of the eighth instalment of the Star Wars Franchise, The Last Jedi has been ridiculed beyond measure on the World Wide Web, not only by the newbie followers but also by the most hard-core, veteran Star War Fans.

Although, instead of looking at TLJ from the restricted perspective of a good movie or a bad one, let’s adopt a neutral temperament and analyse the movie a little.

** Warning: Spoilers ahead!**

Luke’s Character: –

Luke Skywalker’s character arch in TLJ was an eyesore for many viewers and that is quite obvious given that he is probably one of the most lovable and respected characters in the Franchise. The one who had the sense of right and wrong, unlike his father.

Yet, we forget that no matter how strong his inner guidance system of darkness and light is, he still is a human being who has a breaking point.

The greatest characters in the history of Sci-Fi films have been those who have grave flaws. Perfect characters tend to end in a small wile, while flawed characters can go on forever. That is the thumb rule of fiction.

Further, the actor playing Luke himself is seriously old now and you cannot expect him to pull of Jedi stunts like those in the prequels.

It was time to ask Luke’s character to hand over the torch to the next generation of Star Wars’ protagonist if Star Wars was to continue hereinafter and that is exactly what the makers of TLJ have done.

Reylo Pairing: –

Fans are reacting to the emotional arch of Rey and Kylo in such a manner that it is the first time Star Wars has included in romantic undertones in the plot. In fact, I would say that at east TLJ did not create entirely separate scenes only establish the fact that the main characters might get emotionally involved in the future.

Further, just like the prequels, even TLJ presents a deep, symbolic and philosophical sub-plot to the main storyline. Kylo and Rey being able to connect through the Force even after the apparent death of Snoke, and the desperate attempts of Rey to pull Kylo back to the light from the dark side of the Force are, according to me, clues for some exciting story-arch in the further instalments of Star Wars.

The (Literal) burning of the Jedi Order to the ground: –

Star Wars Fans are going to kill me for this statement but let’s be honest with ourselves. As awesome and cool, moral and philosophical, and, talented and selfless the Jedi were, they never really stopped anything bad from happening in the Star Wars Universe, did they? Instead, they were rather responsible for some of the greatest mix-ups and catastrophic, even though unwillingly.

I completely stand by the fact that the Jedi have taught me and many other Fans more about love and friendship, selflessness and sacrifice, and many more things than what real life could have ever taught us. Although, I also accept the conclusion in TLJ that the Jedi Order will have to end if a new enemy is to be fought in a new manner.

The burning of the tree to the ground by Yoda himself was yet another lesson that the Jedi taught us. Do not get attached to physical, tangible objects as what you have within is far greater than what you can get from outside.

Conclusion: –

Alright, I do realise that I may not have been completely unbiased in my opinions but the conclusion remains the same in any case.

The Last Jedi, whether you liked it or not, was the tornado of change that would soon become the foundation of the new-age Star War movies which will be made for the Fans of the Next Generation.

After all, Change is inevitable…

P.C. – Disney Motion Pictures

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