PTron Sportster Headset allows you the freedom of wireless audio at wired price

Design and Built: These are budget earphones and that is clearly visible in the all plastic black and white coloured build. The earphone cable is a round cable with 3 button control pod near the right earbud. The earbuds are in-canal and come with clip on ear support that is non-removable. This is probably designed for the Sporty badging that it carries. The control pod also features the Micro-USB port for charging and there are dual coloured red and blue LED indicators in the control pod.


Performance : We did not have a lot of expectations from these earphones considering their price, but the earphones did sound impressive. Powered with enough volume, the earphones produce a good amount of bass which was truly surprising.The highs are good. The audio curve is suitable for most of our Indian songs, and feels similar to a wired earphone. Audio separation and crispness was minimal, but that is just nit picking. Call quality was good and audio was clearly audible on both ends. Coming to the Sporty badge and its capabilities during sports activity, it really felt like it could handle some rigorous activities. While the clip on ear supports do a good job, it’s the silicon eartips that felt very secure secure. The battery life is just fine and will last your fitness routine and travel time. Anything more than that and you would require to charge these babies.


Verdict: If you are on a budget and want something that will suit all your audio needs from sports to daily commute, the PTron Sportster headset is an amazing value for money pair. For the price, its hard to get a decent wired earphone, while these offer wireless capabilities with the audio performance that justifies every penny.


Specs: Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR,  3 hours talktime

Price: 999 INR

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