Rising stress due to 24*7 social media access

Social Medias are the new best friends for every teen. The internet gives an easy access to everything. It entertains us the way we want and also keeps us connected to our fellow ones. Yet with every good comes a bad. We assume that social mediums are harmless but it can also be a cause for losing balance in our lives and affect us mentally. We spend hours over browsing and texting and we know for a fact that anything that extends a certain limit has its consequences. A recent study found that every eighth out of 10 teens are facing stress issues.

Below are 8 Reasons for growing stress in teens.
Lack of sleep: Hours can’t be counted when on social media. If given access to internet overnight, teens would waste their sleep hours on over browsing and chat which would lead to sleep deprivation.
To always be on top: The competition of getting more number of likes, followers and be famous on social media increases the peer-pressure among the teens. They stress over ways to outgrow everyone. This makes them unnecessarily worried about their status on every single platform.

Keeping up with trends: Social media let us know what’s new and what’s in demand. This might be informative to a lot of us but it also creates a necessity for the teens to always follow the trend and be up to date on the latest news. Anyone who fails to be in current trend is mostly left alone and faces comments.
Directing the wrong message: Not everything is shown on Facebook, Instagram, snap chat or Twitter is legit and not every message is to be-be taken seriously. Especially by teens, as they are not mature enough to know the difference. Messages related to racism, sexism, body shaming or containing any inappropriate content causes low self-esteem and depression among them.

Cyber bullying: This is a commonplace scenario online. It causes emotional trauma and people cannot easily overcome the situation. The worst cases can even escalate to suicide. A 2015 survey that at least 9,00,000 minors have been harassed on Facebook.
Degrading academics: Social media consumes time. This time if put into books can give good grades. It has been proven that children not under the influence of internet score better grades than those who are addicted to it.

Users vulnerable to crime: Teens or users who are unaware of the dark side of social media, unknowingly get themselves involved in cyber crime. These websites usually target students so that they can get their work done by pressurizing them.
Faux advertising: While surfing we see a lot of digital advertisements. Mostly these advertisements are fake and they usually come with catchy phrases. Such fake advertisements tempt the user to click on them. These advertisers gain their personal information and persuade the user to buy their products.

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