Stranger Things – Our Mirror into Reality

For a long time now I have been listening to words of extreme praise for the popular Netflix series called ‘Stanger Things’. Being a Sci-Fi fan myself, I could not stop myself from binge-watching the series consisting of 17 episodes, 40-50 minutes each, spread over two seasons.

As to whether I liked it or not, and why, are questions for some other article. As of now, I would like to bring the reader’s attention to the fact that Stranger Things is an effective analogy for the tech-run world that we currently live in.

These are the times when our scientific understanding is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Even though there haven’t been many new inventions in this century as compared to the earlier ones, we outnumber our predecessors’ achievements when it comes to scientific discoveries and efficient and practical implementation of things that we already know.

As we, as the people of science, prod deeper into the unknown, we uncover those secrets which enable us to bring into existence all that which our ancestors only imagined and portrayed through Science Fiction.

In such times, a series such as ‘Stranger Things’ makes me wonder that as we keep digging deeper into the unknown, as we leaving behind a safe place for the generations to come? Or are we unleashing the ‘Shadow Monster’ and the ‘Demi-Dogs’ into the world for fulfilling our need of profit maximization and weapons creation?

Scientific progress is certainly necessary for the development of human society. Although, one must always keep in mind that this development is not made at the cost of the future of the same society.

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