Father’s day gifts: Based on his personality – Ideal for the daughters… Idol for the sons!

No matter where we go in our lives we always remember what are dads taught us. But buying a gift for him can actually turn out to be tougher than buying one for mom as he never is vocal about what  he needs. So this Father’s Day gift your hero something exceptional.


For dads who like to cook. This year do something different for him, adding him to the good books by helping him prepare the unfussy man food and saving the kitchen. Gift him with the new range of mixer-grinder and copper bottles launched by United Group – a leading brand since 1954.

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Classy and sophisticated is his style? He deserves flawless skin and perfect hair and body to enhance his personality. Gift a men’s skin care treatment package from Apple Skin Clinic. Dr. Deepti Dhillon established Apple skin clinic in 2011. The clinic provides extensive range of skin, body and hair care treatment at affordable prices. The clinic also offers a whole range of Men skin care.

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He likes to keep it simple yet stylist, branded yet affordable, and different for all occasions! Scavin is the answer for you. This Father’s day present your dad with the perfect prescription and sunglasses to match all his style. Scavin is a eye wear brand, the only label to own the license to make customized sunglasses and frames for Lee Cooper and Killer. The brand provides a wide variety of sunglasses and eye wear to choose from.

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For the tech-savvy dads gift simple and affordable luxury with Dormio. Present him a redefined sleeping experience with the new Tinnitus pillows which come with inbuilt speakers compatible to your personal music devices.  Thomsen a highly acclaimed and acknowledged German mattress brand has been existing in the business for over 40 years. It has recently launched Dormio in India that promises to provide premium quality affordable mattresses and pillows.


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Dads keep reminding you to take medicines and are very protective about your well being. It’s time to give your dad a doorway to health with the most advances array of pathological test available with Oncquest labs. Oncquest is India’s leading super specialized laboratory network with over 14 years of experience under its belt, College of American Pathology (CAP) and NABL accredited laboratory, Oncquest is known for its excellence in Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics.

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He owns a Smartphone yet struggles to browse online?  This Fathers day make your dad an internet savvy. Enroll him into a digital marketing course and let him enhance his potentials in the digital world. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), a global leader in digital marketing skills development, is now propelling Masters in Digital Marketing Training Program. This strategic course announced; highlights that how learners around the world will implement ideas enabling complete digital transformation.

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