Things to make the alone time as Best Time!

Hi, Coffee!

Being a coffee person I would first suggest to go have a mug of Coffee. Make the coffee your way, the filtered coffee, the extra sugar coffee, the beaten coffee, the black coffee or the way you like. But having a coffee helps to generate the good mood and you might end up spending great time with coffee. And of course the clicking selfie and an social media update is become mandatory after the awesome coffee. In other case Chai may also works.

Music Therapy:

There is always a list of songs you haven’t played since ages which, however used to be your favorites at times, remember? So get your headphones and tune to the old songs of your favorite list and enjoy the feeling of travelling back to the golden time. And trust me this always works!

Bollywood Fans:

The Bollywood fans are always found to have a big, long list of favorite movies for every mood. In case, if you have an all time favorite movie, rush to your laptop and just play it without giving a second thought.

Reading Bug:

Are you the person who enjoys the ‘behind the camera scenes’more than the movie? These little funfacts are so for you my friend. Just google the fun facts about whatever pleases you. The sun. the moon- stars, the another universe may be. Or new technologies- researches, biology and what not?! Take Surfing trip with the self!

Inspirational videos:

Sometimes we end up alone with over thinking and stupid thoughts about past or future leads us to the depression often. So when you find yourself stay away from the thoughts which makes you feel bad. And for that, one should go for the series of Inspirational videos on YouTube. There are various inspirational and motivational videos on internet. Not necessarily to watch inspiring videos but some other videos or DIY or any productive or creative video will do help you and you are saved.
you’re Welcome!

Cook Things:

These doesn’t mean you go gossping about people! I meant just go to the kitchen and cook something for the real. Chopping and peeling and frying and boiling and baking, may be try cookies, fries, cake anything! Make some delicious food. Cook something new, spicy, chessy, formulate your own recipe and enjoy it with your own company!

Long Drive:

This is another thing that always tops my mind I find myself alone. Just kickstart your bike and visit any soothing place you like nearby. And enjoy the peace of mind!


Take out your camera and in case if not the pro camera your phone’s  camera will do too. Go on a walk, click good frames or may be portraits or just nothing but the Sunrays or raindrops, randomly and call it a ‘Photowalk’. If you have got a third eye raven use it to the best. Upload them on social  media with little bit of an editing and with pretty good caption.

Welcome the Artist within you:

Make a window big enough by trying yourself once to let the Artist within you come out. Take a brush and open the bottles of colors and let the colors flow erratically on the blank white paper.
And if you are  writer then what are you waiting for? and why? There is your laptop, open the notepad and you know the A-B-C-D!

make it Dance floor:
And when you know you are going lazy tick-tock of the clock and you are so alone in the home right now. Turn the volume high and put on the rhythm where you no more instruct yourself for dancing because you are already doing it. Make your place as dancing floor for a while.

Magic Mantra:

There always been a Magic solution to every boredom ever occur to me and trust me, this is the best thing you can ever experience about yourself.
Get your coffee mug and your bean bag and your favorite book to the balcony . Or may be the fashion magazine or tech magazine. And turn the page with every sip of the coffee until you feel resuming back to the schedule.

And if you have found out any other interesting thing to make the alone time interesting and fun do write us at our website
And enjoy the your company with you!

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