Why Apple ‘was’ Successful ?

Every Apple product, may it be iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, iPods, iPads, has always had a fan following of its own. Fans line up in front of the Apple stores, at every new launch, just to make sure that they get to be one amongst the first few to get their hands on the amazing new piece of technology.

Just like ‘George Lucas’ and ‘Star Wars’ have independent identities of their own, Apple has always claimed a celebrity status that was separate from that of its CEO, ‘Steve Jobs’. Although, the fact still remains that it was Jobs, who made Apple into a company which could have its own fan-following.

Steve Jobs had been successful in doing what only a few folks before him were able to do. This exemplary genius gave animate qualities to something inanimate and abstract like a ‘brand name’. Jobs transformed ‘Apple-The Company’ into ‘Apple-The Person’; a feat only Frankenstein had accomplished prior to him.

The brilliant Jobs had realized very early in his career that if one was to buy a product or a gizmo, one would compare its technological readiness with other products in the similar price range and then buy the one that fits the budget best. Therefore, instead of marketing Apple Gizmos as products, Jobs implanted the entire company with human values and emotions. He turned Apple into a brand that was ‘empathetic’ towards its employees, ‘sympathetic’ towards the environment, ‘loyal and respectful’ towards the wealthy buyers and ‘understanding’ towards the not-so-wealthy ones. As people could connect to the company and its products at an emotional and psychological level, they followed Apple and all its Gadgets as they would follow human-celebrities.

Although, I personally feel that ‘Tim Cook’ has not been able to carry on with the legacy that Jobs has left behind. Of course, Cook has the right to implement his own vision into the company and its products but this freedom that he is exercising is going to make Apple pay the price. The recently launched ‘iPhone X’ is already being compared with other gadgets in the similar price range by both reviewers and customers. If Cook does not cast his magical spell in the next installment, Apple might soon lose both its celebrity status and its faithful admirers who connected with the company at a sentimental level.

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