A Crowned Geek – Shriya Torne

 A Crowned Geek – Shriya Torne

In a tête-à-tête with our correspondent, Miss Teen Universe, India, Shriya Torne talked about her journey, her dreams and her experiences.

First of all, heartiest congratulations to you on being crowned with this prestigious crown.

Q. How does it feel to be called by the title of Miss Teen Universe, India?

Shriya: It feels absolutely surreal when people address me by the title of Miss Teen Universe India. It has been my childhood dream to win the crown and I have pursued it for a long time.
After all the hard work and persistence, when the dream has finally come true  and now when it has come true, it feels simply amazing!
This is probably the one question that I may not be able to answer very well  as I feel as if I am on the ‘top of the world’, ‘on cloud 9’ and I am ‘the queen of the world’, all at the same time.
So, I would just say that the entire experience was absolutely awesome!

Q. As kids we all have fantastical dreams that could be turned into a cartoon at the most.
What inspired you to dream of something as real and as unique as winning this prestigious beauty pageant?

Shriya: To answer this question, I would like to share an interesting aspect of my life with you. It might not fit the idea of inspiration in the typical sense, although I believe that this is how my journey began.
When I was just a child who had just started to speak rudimentary words at the most, my Dad taught me to introduce myself to other as ‘Miss Universe – Shriya Torne’.
It was such an age when I did not even understand the meaning of the expression. Nonetheless, I did as my dad taught me and introduced myself as Miss Universe to everyone I met.
I suppose these words may have acted as affirmations and it might have rooted deep into my subconscious. Maybe that is what has driven me, motivated me and inspired me ever since.
Besides, I have always been a people-person. What I mean is it gives me immense happiness to represent the people of our nation  before the entire world!

Q. The readers would love to know about your journey to winning the title of Miss Teen Universe, India and the work that went into it.

Shriya: The preparation for beauty pageants is a very long process. Although a beneficial one too as it is basically all about transforming yourself into a better version of you.
I had to work on literally everything aspect of my personality, right from the way I walked and talked to what I ate and how I presented myself.
Even the thought of changing completely sounded scary at first although, I must tell you that it was the most wonderful experience ever. Upgrading myself to the best version of ‘me’ was the most joyful thing I had ever done.
I worked out, ate healthy and made sure that not just my body but also my mind stayed fit and healthy to tackle the significant amount of stress that naturally comes along with the disciplined lifestyle and immense responsibility of taking care of yourself.
The one practice that helped me through the whole process is to make a list of all my strengths and weaknesses. I would then work hard on turning these weaknesses too into my strengths.

Q. Who is your role model in your professional and personal life?

Shriya: I have always looked up to the magnificent Priyanka Chopra – the bollywood actress, both as a model and as a person.
Despite belonging to a middle-class family from India, she climbed up all the way to the top of her modelling career and won the Miss Universe pageant in the year 2000. The way that she has groomed herself is nothing short of a miracle. Her way of presenting herself has always been a major source of inspiration for me.

Q. What is the difference between the life before crown and after it?

Shriya: “Apart from me feeling so happy and on top of the world for that moment the life has changed a lot. I’m coming across so many people and getting confused about the real feelings and fake ones. I’m learning about recognizing the fake people and the one who truly care. So there I go with another exam wearing the crown, it feels like because now I often come across more fake people.

Q. What huddles came across your way when you were walking the path?

Shriya: There is less time when I found anything as challenging as I feel I’m losing but then there surely was a time when I felt sick mentally and I felt like giving up at times, then, of course, my family-my mum and my dad supported me a lot. Along with them, my friend Vrinda did support me too.

Q. Which brand will you choose if you get the opportunity to be the face of any brand?

Shriya: I guess the thing I love the most is ‘Clothing’ and I can’t stand anything other than Zara. So Zara it is! Zara always!

Q. What is your quick makeup strategy?

Shriya: “My quick makeup involves significant sunscreen, a BB-cream, mascara and hint of pink on my lips. That is it. Actually, my concept of looking beautiful is not around the makeup, it is all about how you feel about yourself, that gives you inner glow and blush! But yeah, I used as my quick makeup!”

Q. Which tech brand is your favourite for gadgets and gizmos?

Shriya: I love Apple as a tech-brand.


Q. Your top 5 favorite Apps which you use daily.


  1. Instagram
  2. Snapchat
  3. WhatsApp
  4.  Facebook
  5. Pinterest

Q. Which is your favourite gadget?

Shriya: The iPhone is my favorite  gadget among-st all my gadgets. I wonder how the small gadget can keep you connected to all of the people in the world and keep you updated all of the time. I just go restless if I do not see my mobile for a long time.

Q. What do you think, How’s the fashion industry?

Shriya: Yeah, I, many times get to answer this question and I wonder why people see negative side only? Like this type of thinking about the particular industry is obvious when you get to listen to some devastating news from it but I always think if you are strong enough to stick to your motive and your ethics and principles then nothing, no power can take you down. It is good enough if you are strong enough to survive with every odds, probably you might possibly be not even facing it. But, it is pretty good and glamorous.

Q. Favorite place on the earth you would love to go and live for the rest of your life and why?

Shriya: “I’m a wanderer!
And I do not want to settle at some place. I want to keep moving to new and different places. But my favorite destination includes Santorini, Greece, Bali, Paris and NYC !!!”

Q. What are you expecting from the life ahead?
Shriya: It always amazes me what do those people do after they achieve what they have thought of doing and that seems an abrupt end to me. So I have decided for myself to not to have any plan. Like I’m just sure that I wanna do something in the sector of art. As it makes you express yourself better in every form you want. I have learnt an Indian Classical dance form, known as Kathak for few exams when I was young. And I feel any form of art helps make a better person of you. You get ways to express yourself better when it comes to the various forms of art. So I wanna wind my whole life around the art to make ‘me’ inside me alive!

Q. If not Miss Teen Universe, India, then what would you have become?

Shriya: As I told you, there has been never anything else than this, since I was a small kid to even know the meaning of the title. So it always has been this and this only! And of which I regret not a single moment.


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