A social loner with a phone

 A social loner with a phone

Palak : Why and how did you start this social media thing?
Karan : Though there is a long answer to this in newsletter of Sam Higginbottom University newsletter with title “How I started documenting my life and you should do it too”. A short answer would be I am mad social media marketing and influencer marketing geek and other than my current brands, I wanted to just try documenting my own life and see how many people can relate to it.

Palak : Your favorite social media website and why?

Karan : Twitter still is and will always be my number 1 and there is a good chance that I will never be able to make big over there. The reason I love twitter so so much is because that’s the only place where you get famous just by words not by your looks. Like if I am even a big time creator on twitter, the stranger sitting next to me will know that. (Such a marshmallow thing).
Palak : What do you do for a living and why don’t you tell more about your work?

Karan : I have an ecommerce brand in the US. It’s actually a personal choice of keeping my social life and work life separated as it keeps my client and employee relationship really professional. Also, I just share 60 second of my day and trust me that is the only time I am not working.

Palak : What are your thoughts about new Snapchat update?
Karan : There is surely a dip in the views but now majorly my concentration is on instagram and other platforms. The new update is turning out great for all the other major celebrities as its hard to miss their stories now but for all the small influencers, its time to shift their focus on other platforms as well.

Palak : What are your thoughts about Vine 2?

Karan : I think vine 2 will be a great hit, as most of the viners have already made huge on youtube. I would still suggest that just because it worked for Logan Paul and David Dobrik, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.  You cannot follow their footsteps to become them. You have to find your own thing. It will be a new challenge for me personally to create content there as my genre is Storytelling via Images/Videos and creating a 6 second entertaining content would be difficult. 

Palak : Are you currently in a relationship?

Karan : Yup, with my boots.

Palak : Any prank you regret doing and which one was your favorite?

Karan : Oh No, most of the time I am just holding the camera and people around me usually end up doing stuff themselves. Not even a single one I regret. 2 girls making out is still the best one till now.

Palak : How did you enter bodybuilding and how are you so consistent with it?

Karan : Okay, I really really wanted to clear this thing up. I am not at all into bodybuilding. I do crossfit almost daily which has very little to do with bodybuilding. It’s a sport which mainly focus on making strength instead of muscles though there is a lot of lifting involved in this as well but it really far from bodybuilding. You will find consistency in anything that you enjoy so instead of finding a perfect gym, find a perfect sport or activity that you will fall in love with.

Palak : I really want to enter vlogging or daily content kind of thing but I am really camera shy? Any tips?

Karan : If you really want to do it because you love the stardom and fame these vloggers have then don’t. They did it because they loved camera and talking on it. I started doing the same and still most of my content is recording other people doing crazy stuff. If you really want to enter social media life then find your platform that you think you are good at. It could be anything from musically, instagram, twitter, youtube etc and start posting.

Palak : How do you deal with your cravings for Junk Food?

Karan : If its milk product or non veg, I really don’t crave ever. (Veganism does that to you). When it comes to junk food on plant based, I eat it if I am craving for it. You usually stay on your ideal body weight on plant based diet unless you are eating junk food all the time which no one does.

Palak : Who comes first? Your girl, gym or content?

Karan : Dream would be finding a camera friendly girl who is working out with me while my coaches create content of us working out. 

Palak : One thing you would like to change about the trend of Influencer Marketing?

Karan : The only thing I noticed very weird in India about the brands is going for numbers. Like they really do care about the number of views, followers, retweets a person gets instead of seeing how strong their influence is. I have learned this the harder way but instagram model with 137K followers but very less influence will give you just some HD pics of your product but people with high influence even at 6K followers will either good number of sales or atleast good traffic towards your website. I personally believe in following the account for atleast good 15 days to check their activities and influence before even doing barter for shoutout. 

Palak : Any advice for Future Influencers or Content Creators who are trying to make it huge in the industry? 
Karan : Make more efforts towards entertaining your current audience instead of trying super hard to get the new one. If your followers are not dying to meet you or hangout with you in person then you are doing this whole thing wrong. You have to give something in exchange of their time either knowledge or humor or anything but if they are just following you and are genuinely not interested in your journey then really no point of that. So make sure you are connecting to whatever small or large audience you have because you owe them more than the ones who aren’t even there yet.


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