All set to rock and roll in #2020Avatar

 All set to rock and roll in #2020Avatar

As we all are here in 2020 finally , keeping all new hopes in each and every sectors we say. All the automotive brands out there working hard on involving more and more tech in their dream projects. Esports is the new world, gaming industry is growing like anything. As we can witness how Pubg has brought all new evolution in mobile sector and because that we observed a massive growth in smartphone sector.
So, we at Gizmobox who always keep you updated with what’s happening around the world of Tech, Lifestyle, Auto and Business, we thought of giving it a whole new 2020 avatar.

Gizmobox was founded by Hitesh Taral , CEO of Databox Technologies in 2016. When he launched Gizmobox, it was just small platform for blogs which used to cover technology news, lifestyle and travel. Just as an hobby you can say, which turned out into a full fledged venture which caters wide content in Technology, Lifestyle, Business, Startups, Gaming, Automotive and what not !!

In 2018 it became partner with DailyHunt, a news aggregator platform. Now you can read Gizmobox’s each and every piece of content right on DailyHunt app. By the end of 2018 we started publishing our content on Apple news and Google News

We didn’t stop there at all, as our founder is the one who never stops ! After huge response to Gizmobox e-paper in last 4 years we finally decided to change our avatar and we named it 2020 avatar. To be honest nothing has changed but just the way of presenting and distribution of news has been changed so that our readers will get a complete 2020ish experience while reading each and every piece on content.

What we have added in 2020 avatar ?
1. Now you can review our articles based upon their quality.
2. Check your internet speed on Gizmobox itself.
3. Readometer at the top of every article you are reading
4. Modern design as design is what Databox always focus upon
5. More and more quality content

So this is all about our #2020avatar. Soon we going to celebrate our 10k followers on DailyHunt. Hope to see you all there. Keep showing your support as always.

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