Amit Deep Kumar, Founder of KhanaGadi

 Amit Deep Kumar, Founder of KhanaGadi

GBClub : Tell us about your company KhanaGadi
Mr. Amit : KhanaGaDi is India’s fastest growing Mobile app based Food Delivery platform in Indian Trains with services at around 300 Stations of Strategic Importance and in 10000+ Trains, we have our vendor network spread across entire India from Jammu to Chennai and Guwahati to Rajkot.OurAndroid and iphone Apps are virtually an E Restaurant Chain in your pocket while you travel in Trains.

GBClub : When did you decided to start KhanaGadi?
Mr. Amit : I was traveling to Varanasi in Nov 2014 after taking a short sabbatical from my professional assignment after having served for more than 18 years in key Business organizations , I had this train travelling from Jaipur to Varanasi and I could not got hold on to any hygienic meal during the entire journey, the total running time of the train was more than 50 hours and it was surprising to note that there was no pantry car inside the train, while I did some more research when I got down at Varanasi and found that IRCTC has stopped serving pantry food in most of the trains except Rajdhani and Shatabadi Express and the passengers have no other options to order quality food of their choice as station food and platform food is mostly sub standards .I decided to solve this major issue by launching “” after returning to my home town immediately and in fact I thought of the name “KhanaGaDi” while I was coming back to Jaipur. That was the start of and I finished writing the concept note for the entire project in Jan 2015 and begin prep for launch.

menu4GBClub : Tell us about cuisines available in KhanaGadi
Mr. Amit : We provide an array of cuisines right from North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi, Bengali, Jain Food and Diabetic Meals etc etc across Breakfast, Lunch , Snacks and Dinner Category

GBClub : What are your views on Digital India Initiative?
Mr. Amit : Digital India Initiative can be termed as “Giant Leap” in putting India as a giant nation in the business map of the world, lot of SME’s and Startup are using Technology to develop Quality product with  low pricing and with a very efficient service framework. Initiatives taken under Digital India will surely help the entire eco system to create a hub of SME’s and Start-ups contributing a great deal to the larger share of Indian Economy just like the SME sector with great use of Tech has helped Germany to rise as a superpower since 1980’s…

laptopGBClub :  What would you say about Technology and Food industry in India?
Mr. Amit : Technology is evolving at a far greater speed which all of us had imagined barely few years back and it is changing the paradigm of entire consumer experience , the way they perceive the product and it eventually decide the entire product life cycle, Food Industry overall has been experiencing changes of large quantum be it customer’s expectations with the product, pricing, value for money or experience with the services, consumers needs consistency in services and taste particularly.

GBClub : Tell us about your journey from AISSSCE, CBSE, Jaipur to KhanaGaDi
Mr. Amit : Well it has been a roller coaster one, I used to play Field Hockey in School and College Days at State Level and then pursued my PG diploma in Tourism and Travel Management from IITTM, New Delhi , this period develops lot of perseverance and patience inside me which is a core attribute to become an Entrepreneur later on I started my management practice with organizations like McDonalds, Reliance Retail, Jubilant , Manipal Health Systems etc has evolved me as a better professional with a different perspective on looking at the complex problems of business and providing innovative solutions to them, I have travelled extensively across India and Overseas market and that has really helped to understand the consumer behaviour , demographic preferences and how it impacts a particular product, I have worked in diversified business segments and it has also enhanced my overall experience.

GBClub : Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Mr. Amit : Contributing significantly to the Indian Startup Eco System and pursuing my passion of writing…

GBClub : What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?
Mr. Amit : I am working on core logistics systems of our vendor and certain delivery related SOP which will greatly enhance the meal delivery experience in Trains.

GBClub : Tell us about your hobbies
Mr. Amit : I like Driving Bikes and often go Off roading, I read English Fiction mainly classics and also Vedanta , I am very much impressed by the life and work of Swami Vivekananda  Swami Yukteshwar Giri and Swami Paramhansa Yogananda, I like to travel a lot as every time I complete a trip it gives me a whole lot of different perspective on life and people around you.

GBClub : Tell us how did you overcome network connectivity issue in train tracks
Mr. Amit : Yes it was a great challenge when we started and we worked around it very innovatively I must say, We have developed intelligent algorithms and AI’s, we track the Live Train Status in our Website and iOS and Android app and customer and vendor both are aligned on Train arrival time so that they can be aware about the order status accordingly. Our app’s are very user friendly and customer can finish the entire ordering process in less than a minute.

GBClub : Tell us some facts about you that even Google does not know
Mr. Amit : I am working on a book which I hope I will complete soon , it’s a collection of short stories…

GBClub : Anything else you would like to share with “GB Club”
Mr. Amit : Just Keep having the faith and expand your consciousness , you will see that nothing is impossible then…
Mr. Amit : I wish the readers of GB a very happy new year on behalf of the entire KG Team…

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