Apps to the rescue during “House Arrest”

 Apps to the rescue during “House Arrest”

As everything is closed out there, even malls, multiplexes, sport clubs , gyms everything is shut down so that we all can stay home during global pandemic.

That’s right: It’s advised that you self-quarantine.

And I hope you all are doing well during quarantine. In my case it was quite good in the beginning, but that massive attack of boredom started hitting me after a week.

So I tried couple of things during being “Home Arrest” and thought of sharing it with you guys.

So here are few things which you could also do to pass your quarantine time.

Find the creativity inside you with Procreate

Firstly I’m a big creativity freak. One fine day during house arrest I decided to make a sketch (Highly inspired by artists on Behance and Pinterest)

But to make a sketch you require all those pro stuff like canvas, pencils, colors and what not ! Then I realized I have an iPad and I can make sketches on it. Started hunting for the best sketch and painting and and then landed up on Procreate ! Bought this app for 800 bucks I guess and then what started making sketches and illustrations like a pro.

Procreate is filled with wide range of free brushes and tools which you can use to make almost any kind of painting .

Unlike many mobile painting apps, there’s zero stroke lag when painting in Procreate. You’ll appreciate this responsiveness if you enjoy working with a smudge tool for blending colors. You can enable the streamline feature to automatically correct your strokes as you draw for even more precision. When you rotate the iPad, the canvas stays in place, but the user interface rotates so the tools are always oriented to your drawing position.

You can buy it here

Make your own band in the garage

Now you know that I’m creativity freak. Sometimes I love listening to the music mostly trance ones or any soundtrack which feels good to the ear. Tried Garage Band app in iPad which is available for free on app store.

garage band

Trust me despite of being free app it is a fully loaded audio workstation comes with thousands of presets. It comes with features like audio recording. It is still the best way to learn piano, guitar, drums, trumpets and so many other instruments.

Ps. You can make your on soundtrack with garage band and upload it on SoundCloud or Spotify and be a star !

Winner winner chicken dinner !

Now you know what I’m gonna talk about , right ?

More than 200 Million users worldwide, developed by PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Tencent Games. Been playing PUBG mobile since 2018 but after having a busy schedule with business stopped playing it. But now to get rid of these Quarantine Blues started playing it again (Thanks to the quarantine).

Pubg mobile game

For those newbies out there let me tell you what PUBG is. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a downloadable online-only multiplayer shooter game for mobile. Up to 100 players compete in a last-man-standing, kill-or-be-killed battle royale. Violence is a core mechanic of the gameplay, as competitors hunt other players using a variety of realistic weapons such as rifles, machine guns, and crowbars. While the controls are relatively easy to pick up, the game’s difficulty lies in trying to survive while scavenging items from the map to use in battle.

and of course #WFH

We all have bills to pay in next month and maybe renewal of Netflix coming up so how can we forget about the work (From Home) !

I hope you all are enjoying you WFH

If you have any ideas about making your #HouseArrest more better, please drop me a comment below or you can DM me on Instagram, You can find my Instagram handle below !


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