The Art of Storytelling – How listening to a story is better than reading

 The Art of Storytelling – How listening to a story is better than reading
Hey bibliophiles! Isn’t reading books like a leisurely activity? Doesn’t it make you filled with thoughts ranging from rage to happiness and gives you the necessary satisfaction?
I would love to take a book in my hands and read it, till im content for what it has to offer. A book, may it be a love story or a murder mystery it has always got something to offer. But, lets face reality here, do we really find the time that we need to read a book these days? I mean it might sound like a complaint to many of you people. But think just for one second, we took the time out for reading a book while we used to be students. Some of you are still students, and its rather difficult to actually find time from our busy schedules, to read a work of art, or a fantastic set up of words. Jobs, academics takes most of our times away. We are so busy in making our carriers that we actually forget to maintain the need of our conscious-selves.
Our reading has now been restricted to the facebook and instagram captions. Or sometimes an article like this. We read because we love doing it, and stories find a sweet spot in our lives. Is there a solution to this? To keep our lives intact and to keep ourselves still in the story business?
Well i have an option! As there has been a wonderful exposure to the internet and technology, literature has found a way to still be a part of our busy lives. Storytelling!
Yes, storytelling is simply where sound collaborates with words to become a beautiful art form of storytelling. Here you don’t have to stress yourself and strain your eyes after a day of hard work. All you have got to do is, download the audio book to the novel you desired to read, for a long long time. Get a good pair of headphones and just listen to it. You can be traveling and still enticing yourself with a story. You can be just lying down, and even then you can pull your headphones and start listening to that story, a friend had suggested, but you could not find the time to actually purchase it and read.
Some people might argue that reading is a better option. Anyway, listening could be fun too. Simply because, the narrators narration is a better impact on your emotional self than reading. Its just like music to your ears, but there is a story in it for you. Just like we get lost in translation, while we go reading from page to page, we can do the same while listening to it. The lights can be off, the headphones will be on, the story will keep going on as slip into the shoes of the protagonist, and it will be a Wonderful experience. Give it a try, and im sure you will love this experience.


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