Exclusive talks with Kunal Gadahire SkillSikho Founder

Kunal is an engineering dropout, an experienced journalist, a self-trained expert at many skills and a successful entrepreneur. In this exclusive interview with GizoBox, he sheds light on the current issues of startups in India and shows how his highly successful venture, SkillSikho is set to enable entrepreneurs to tackle with these roadblocks.   NEERAJ […]Read More

Eulogy For Stephen Hawking

May the Man rest in peace. The man who enlightened us all, To the immensity of the universe. The Man who made ‘Black-Hole’, A Household Word. The Man who inspired scientists innumerable, May that Man rest in peace. The Man who proved, That nothing is impossible; With Love, Willpower, and Friendship, You can make it […]Read More

The Last Jedi – Foundation of New Age!

Ever since the release of the eighth instalment of the Star Wars Franchise, The Last Jedi has been ridiculed beyond measure on the World Wide Web, not only by the newbie followers but also by the most hard-core, veteran Star War Fans. Although, instead of looking at TLJ from the restricted perspective of a good […]Read More

Paperback or E-Book?

Books have always been the most faithful friends of mankind ever since the printing and publishing technology came into being. Even today, when the majority of people get all the information need by simply typing a query in the URL box of Chrome or Safari, the publishing industry is going on persistently at a stable […]Read More

Doctor Who turns Female

Doctor Who, one of the most popular series in the history of television programs has continued to rip apart the Space-Time continuum for more than 50 years now. Although the 13th Regeneration of the Doctor has created a history of its own as for the first time ever in the Doctor Who series, the protagonist […]Read More

Stranger Things – Our Mirror into Reality

For a long time now I have been listening to words of extreme praise for the popular Netflix series called ‘Stanger Things’. Being a Sci-Fi fan myself, I could not stop myself from binge-watching the series consisting of 17 episodes, 40-50 minutes each, spread over two seasons. As to whether I liked it or not, […]Read More

Why Apple ‘was’ Successful ?

Every Apple product, may it be iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, iPods, iPads, has always had a fan following of its own. Fans line up in front of the Apple stores, at every new launch, just to make sure that they get to be one amongst the first few to get their hands on the amazing new […]Read More

Chai Tapri – The Tangible Social Network

In the age of digitization, where intangible Internet mediums are creating unseen distances amongst loved ones, the Café Culture that has become highly popular in the recent times in India, has stepped in to remedy the situation. The Café’s in India have now outgrown their original purpose of serving beverages and now act more like […]Read More