Chai Tapri – The Tangible Social Network

 Chai Tapri – The Tangible Social Network

In the age of digitization, where intangible Internet mediums are creating unseen distances amongst loved ones, the Café Culture that has become highly popular in the recent times in India, has stepped in to remedy the situation.
The Café’s in India have now outgrown their original purpose of serving beverages and now act more like a tangible social network. The new Indian definition of a Café is a place, where people can rekindle their relationships over a cup of a delicious and refreshing beverage.

One such novel and exciting concept that is revolutionising the Café industry in India, (which also happens to be my personal favourite), is a fast-growing chain of Café’s known as ‘CHai Tapri’.

Realising the fact that a hard-working, middle class Indian cannot be satisfied simply with a cup of tea after he finishes a day of hard work, CHai Tapri soon adopted to its customer’s needs.

Along with a soothing and calming cup of hot or cold beverage to dampen your physical irritability CHai Tapri also serves as a place where people can meet their loved ones in person and spend some quality time with those people that make you feel truly relaxed, both mentally and emotionally.


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