DJ Paroma shares her journey during her cover feature for Gizmobox Magazine, January 2019

 DJ Paroma shares her journey during her cover feature for Gizmobox Magazine, January 2019

Gx : Being a female Dj, how it look like?

Paroma : I feel quite proud that I have broken a lot of stereotypes, which were associated with DJing as a profession for girls initially. It was not easy in the start – with safety, career and income concerns arising from all sides. Also the fact that DJing was always considered a male dominated industry. However, I am proud to be a part of an era currently, where young talent is encouraged, irrespective of being a guy or a girl, and today women are as competent as men while performing gigs behind the console. I know of many women DJs who are doing so good, and can give the men a run for their money.

Gx : How did Djing happen to you? Tell us about your journey

Paroma : DJing was never a part of the career pathway plan, it just happened. I was an air hostess, doing well in my field, flying places, interacting with a lot of people on a regular basis. But still there was something missing, and I felt I am meant for something more, and I am not using my potential to my fullest. I realised I have a very good knack and taste for music, as this was something I was very passionate about. I also had a lot of friends who were DJs already. So I decided to mix my passion and profession and explore the pathway of DJing. I underwent a course for the same, and learnt the science and art of DJing by the best in the industry himself – Bob Omulo. I started getting small projects then, one by one, I just climbed the ladder of success, and here I am standing today, performing gigs at both local and international platforms.

Gx : How would you like to describe your style of music?

Paroma : I am a desi girl at heart,but I love the Bollywood tadkas mixed with EDM, and commercial music.. Pretty much any music that is catchy to my ears.

Gx : Do you think technology has been a great boon towards making DJ-ing a more popular profession?

Paroma : Yes definitely. The sound, effects, surround system, consoles, headsets, mixing, and also softwares today which are used to mix music are drawing a large amount of interest. There are sound engineers today who want to become a DJ. I feel it is important to know a bit of the technical knowledge that goes behind DJing, you cannot just become a DJ overnight without knowing these.

Also, like how designers need to have an aesthetic sense, a DJ needs to have a basic music sense as well, you cannot afford to go terribly wrong with a song that is a strain to your audience’s ears and can spoil your reputation as a DJ. Some softwares are used too today, to mix music. I don’t consider the software dependence of many DJs to mix their music as a right approach.

I am happy there are so many youngsters today who are enrolling into special training sessions and learning the art of DJing, with an aim to excel in the field. That is the right approach towards this.

Gx : Your highest highs and lowest lows. Things you learnt from both.

Paroma : My highest highs – Winning the WOW Asia Awards 2018 last year in the best Female DJ category for Corporate and Lifestyle Events. This is indeed such an honor for me. I was the official DJ for IPL 2014, and this was the turning point in my career that time. I bagged a lot of offers from then on from the exposure I got. One of my other highs was being a part of the jury of the television show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2017.

My Lowest Lows – Losing my father, my grand mom, and my dearest pet Sasha. That’s the only time you will find me at my weakest when I lose my loved one.

Gx : Playing music for audience of which place has been the best experience for you and why?

Paroma : This would definitely be my USA Tour Gig – The crowd went crazy and were intoxicated to my Bollywood tunes. Their energy, enthusiasm, and break-free attitude left me spellbound, and has indeed given me memories and wanting to go back and play my tunes again for them.

Gx : Djing or producing songs?

Paroma : DJing is the present, producing songs and my own music as a composer is my direction.

Gx : Your dream gig.

Paroma : My dream gig would be Tomorrowland ☺

Gx : Your thoughts on Social media, music promotion and digital streaming.

Paroma : Social Media is your mirror today. People see you, judge you, but don’t let it affect you. Use it well and to your advantage to spread your radiance and success.

Music Promotion is a strategy game, and if planned well, it hugely determines the success or failure of the promotion of the album or song.

Digital Streaming is a necessity today, and has made it so convenient to reach out to a large number of masses. Thanks to technology, for this.

Gx : Your musical inspiration.

Paroma : AVB is my inspiration, I want to make music like him someday.

Gx : Advice for aspiring DJs.

Paroma : Do what your heart says, and don’t limit yourself. Possibilities are endless. Explore the unexplored, and face challenges bravely.

Gx : One song on loop

Paroma : Sakhiyaan By Maninder Buttar

Gx : Your most useful gadget that’s not a smartphone or laptop?

Paroma : My headphones.

Gx : Favorite apps

Paroma : Instagram, Tiktok.

Gx : Message for our readers?

Paroma : Start this year with a never say die attitude, and know the truth, that the only key to success is finding and doing what you love to do.

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