Elon Musk revolutionizing automobile & space technology

 Elon Musk revolutionizing automobile & space technology

Elon Musk ! When you hear this name, many things pop-up inside
your head. He is a genius billionaire philanthropist who has many achievements on his bulletin board. He is the closest thing to a real-life iron man that the world has ever seen. If we followed the game of thrones way to announce Elon, the list of things to be mentioned would be longer than the list used for Danerys Targerion on the show. Should we give it a try?
ELON MUSK, son of Errol and Maye Musk, CEO of SPACE X, CEO of TESLA
South Africa on June 28, 1971. A citizen of not one not two but three countries counting USA, CANADA and SOUTH AFRICA. Co-Founder of ZIP2, Founder of X.com which later merged into CONFINITY becoming what we know the company today as Pay-Pal. Co-Founder of OpenAI for development of Artificial Intelligence that is friendly in nature.
His goals and visions are extraordinary. Although, even this is an understatement. He has a motive, which is much needed for the survival of human race. He has built electric cars under the banner of TESLA, Inc. so as to reduce the global warming phenomenon. He wants to set-
up a self-sustainable human colony on Mars, to save humanity from extinction.

Let’s dig a little deeper into SPACE X and TESLA :
TESLA is a revolutionary company, which was founded by ELON MUSK, IAN WRIGHT, J B STRAUBEL, MARC TRAPENNING and MARTIN EBERHARD; in the year 2003. All these engineers were determined to produce an electric vehicle, which is better than any other petroleum (gasoline)
vehicle. We all know what emissions have been doing the climate and environment of our precious mother earth. Fremont, California is where all the Tesla vehicles are manufactured. Model S (sedan), Model X (SUV),
Model 3, and Roadster are some models of cars manufactured at this very facility. All these cars are futuristic with an aim to have a zero-emission in the future.
Tesla doesn’t only manufacture cars but also is a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries. Have you ever heard of a Powerwall? Well, Tesla managed to make a Powerwall and a solar roof which are a sustainable power generating devices, for all the appliances we use on a daily basis. All the solar operating appliances produced by Tesla come under
its subsidiary company named SOLARCITY. Let’s, talk about something more technologically advanced and even more futuristic than Tesla and its

Yes, I am talking about SPACE X. This company is a space transport and aerospace company. It has managed to create some mind-blowing technology in the field of aerospace. It has had many successful
space programs which have been a huge step towards the space exploration, space travel, astronomy and of course, SCIENCE as a whole.
SPACE X was formed in the year 2002. It was the first privately owned company to have launched a liquid- fueled rocket to the Earth’s orbit. This happened in the year 2008, and the rocket was Falcon-1. To keep
the good work going, NASA awarded SPACE X 1.6 billion US dollars.
Although, Falcon-1 was not done yet. In 2009, On the 5th Falcon 1 flight, SPACE X became the first privately owned company to have a satellite-
delivered into the Earth’s orbit.

After such success with Falcon 1, another spacecraft, ‘The DRAGON’ made history in so many ways. It became the first privately owned company spacecraft to return to earth, from a low orbit. This happened in 2010.
DRAGON spacecraft became the first privately owned company spacecraft to visit the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. The list goes on and on. Then came the technology of reusable rocket. SPACE X became the first of a kind to launch rockets into the geosynchronous orbit and return them back to earth for them to be reused again for the next flight!
ELON quotes “If one can figure out how to effectively reuse rockets just like aeroplanes, the cost of access to space will be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred. A fully reusable vehicle has never been made
before. That really is the fundamental breakthrough needed to revolutionize access to space.” In March 2017 this was made possible with
the Falcon-9 spacecraft. This idea and dream were finally established as a
reality. From 2002, only in a mere 16 years, SPACE X has become a
leading aerospace company.

The recent success of Space X is the launch and retrieval of the Falcon heavy spacecraft. This spacecraft was designed to carry the Tesla Roadster into space and leave it travelling through space. The idea behind it
was to launch a vehicle in an elliptical orbit to the sun passing close to mars. In the beauty of all this, the Tesla Roadster will keep playing
the song ”Starman” by David Bowie on infinite loop. We cannot ignore the sense of humour that Elon Musk has shown through this act. This launch was successfully carried out and it made the Falcon heavy the biggest and most powerful of all the rockets ever being launched. It also defeated the rocket Saturn V that NASA hand launched way back in 1973. With its future plans including colonisation of mars, and making other planets accessible for human life to survive, to take one step towards immortality of the human race, SPACE X will surely have more groundbreaking and wonderful technology in the coming decade or so. A day would come where not just
astronauts but common people like you and I could go on a space exploration flight and see the wonders of the universe which were earlier
impossible to see.


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