Exclusive talks with Sahil Mithal , Co-Founder of ShiftKarado

 Exclusive talks with Sahil Mithal , Co-Founder of ShiftKarado

GB : What was the key idea that inspired you to start ShiftKarado?

Sahil : ShiftKarado is a collaborative outcome of the promoters of Star Worldwide, especially, Sahil Mithal and Aulina Mithal Sood. The company came in existence out of a need for a transparent and real-time solution for the domestic packing and moving industry. Currently, the Indian relocation industry is highly fragmented and unorganized, with the result that the end–customer is usually left in the dark about the pricing and process. For example, most moves begin with the packer sending a surveyor to the client’s home to take an estimate of the goods to be moved. Thereafter a quote is given to the client after a few days.

This process will invariably take up a large amount of the customer’s time, and usually takes at least a couple of days for every quote needed. A solution was needed where the customers would have a higher degree of control over their moving while needing to spend a minimum amount of their time. With ShiftKarado, the idea was that the process can be made more transparent and the customer more self- reliant, by giving them a means to do the survey themselves over their laptop or mobile in their spare time, reducing the overall time taken to an approximate of ten minutes only. This solution was possible because of the palpable shift of the Indian market towards tech-based solutions, most notably the e-commerce industry. The promoters of Star Worldwide felt that a similar solution can be found for packing and moving industry and hence came up with ShiftKarado.

GB : What are the challenges you had to face when you started ShiftKarado?

Sahil : Initially we did face some challenges in getting the customer to input information about the move, but we overcame this by providing intelligent templates that would auto populate the information. We are now delivering thousands of instance prices without technology.

GB :  What is the next step for ShiftKarado and how do you intend to take it forward?

Sahil : We are going to integrate the real-time tracking feature in our mobile app which would enable the customers to get the live updates on their move. ShiftKarado’s IT & Technical Team is progressively working on it. ShiftKarado mobile app will be using GPS and Barcode technology which enables the customers to easily track when their goods are packed, loaded, shipped, and delivered rather than calling the agent or truckwalas for the status of the consignment. When the goods are packed, loaded, shipped, unloaded, and delivered, clients will get timely updates. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will be used for optimum logistics, route planning and capacity for smooth transit process.

GB :  What are your typical customers?

Sahil : Our major clients include Dainik Bhaskar, Prop Tiger and CIANS, for whom we have done office relocations recently. Additionally, we have an agreement with OYO Rooms for relocation of their employees across India. In the direct customer segment, our majority clients come from the cities of Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai, where early tech adoption is more prevalent.

GB : Which are your targeted cities?

Sahil : The current outreach of ShiftKarado includes Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai in the southern zone. In the north, we cover Chandigarh, Mohali and the six cities of NCR, including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. The western region coverage is all over Pune-Mumbai region, including Navi Mumbai as well. We have recently included Jaipur and Kolkata as well in our portfolio. Our goal is to expand the spectrum of our services to Pan-India.

GB : Tell us about the Technologies used in Shift Karado

Sahil : Unlike the traditional packers and movers, ShiftKarado leverages Digital Technology to reach people across the country and help them with their relocation moves. Customers can simply fill an online form on the website shiftkarado.com or mobile app sharing their requirements and other details to get a customized instant quote of opportune services and booking the shift saving a lot of time. Both the mobile app and website have a standard interface for trouble-free bookings and secure payments. Also, mobile app and website are integrated with Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which keeps the entire relocation process transparent and instantaneous with ShiftKarado.

GB : What do you think about the current scenario of the Indian logistics industry?

Sahil : Indian logistics industry is quite unorganized as a large number of local and domestic transporters working independently with the average fleet size of 5 trucks. It owns a big share of total road transportation revenues in India which makes it one of the dominant industries in India. But, digital technology is one of the major challenges that the transportation and logistics sector has to deal with. Dynamic routing, quick delivery of packages, weather and climate change predictions, and precise traffic information and instructions to the drivers are a few things that the digital transformation of the Indian logistics sector can offer. Though many logistics companies are planning to invest at least 5-6% of their annual revenue in the blooming digital culture, those who do not adapt themselves until 2020 are vulnerable to business failure. Versatile customer expectations, the burgeoning of relocation service providers and technological advances may disrupt the industry as innovative ways to outrank the competitors are likely to be brought up.

GB : What would you advise to all the budding entrepreneurs?

Sahil : Young entrepreneurs are often seen either too fret about the growth of their venture or too casual about it. Both the situations are vulnerable to their startup success. They should balance their anxiety with the celebration of small wins. And, if the small wins take too long to come, one should not give up on his dream startup venture. Patience and persistence come handy every time. A positive attitude, a receptive mind, and commendable leadership skills promise the great wins in a long run.

 GB : Your Role Model?

Sahil : Growing up my role model was Bill Gates and Jack Welch. But now the list of my role models is much bigger.

GB : Your Favorite Book?

Sahil : The Book that gave me a new perspective in application design was “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman.

GB : Gadgets that you use?

Sahil : I am using an Android phone and TV, MacBook Pro and now Google Home.

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