Fitoor Cafe Crawl II : SSK Solitaire

The strings struck, lights lit, and the knobs turned to the second happiest weekend of the season for the folks of Nashik. Fitoor Inc’s Cafe Crawl Season II hosted it’s next stop at the SSK Solitaire last Sunday 11th December, 2016 and it was no doubt a bigger and much better package that we have ever had to offer to the crazed crowds of this city.
One of the many aims of conducting Cafe Crawl is “Community” and “Night Life”. Building these two things in a city that’s lesser known to both these social fundas is never an easy job. But we see it taking a bloom when more and more people and artists visit us, interact, tie up with us and be a part of this singular effort towards creating an experience with all the fun it can have.
We wanted to give the youth of Nashik something that they always seek, that they always went searching for in the metropolitans around. An evening filled with live music, amazing crowd and most of all booze!
What’s so new about it you ask?! We did it all the Fitoor way guys! Our artists combined their efforts with the beautiful place and ambience that SSK Solitaire had to offer and created a whole another universe for the visitors to explore! If you missed it, you probably are regretting it already!
15403809_869141473188738_7919089605305387535_oFirst to energise the whole gig was the local rock band Mittro, that injected the rush that the half a thousand people needed for what was to come next. Rest of the blazing eve extended to all the lovelies trying their luck at some Beer Pong and Shots Roulette, and winning some exciting stuff. While the games were intriguing more dizzy heads, renowned solo performers like David Barnes, Shubham Mandal, Aneesh Maini and Jayesh Sonawane made the peeps skip a heartbeat with their melodious voice and guitar. You could see some old friends meeting after a long time, some friendships becoming more intense, some making new friends, some boiling up new ideas for great start-ups, some falling in love, others making business deals, some interacting with the artists, some just comfortably numb with the drinks they’d had; it was just the place we imagined it would be. One community, bound by novelty, bound by the will to do something different, and above all bound by art.
We as Fitoor Inc feel the happiest and the luckiest to have been a contributor to this kind of a revolution taking place in our little hometown Nashik.
I know how it must feel to read about these events and not having been a part of them. Don’t you worry! Fitoor’s hammer hitting hard again this weekend itself!
@ Cafe Crawl II : Yellow Van (Mahatma Nagar) 18th December, Sunday!
Like always, ENTRY FREEEEEEEEEE (Is baar miss mat karna!)
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