Flixi Launches New App that Offers Users AI-Based Recommendations for Movies and TV Shows

 Flixi Launches New App that Offers Users AI-Based Recommendations for Movies and TV Shows

Flixi, a revolutionary new entertainment tracking app, launched today, offering users Movie & TV recommendations based on a personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. The app personally assists users in finding, tracking and sharing entertainment. It was designed to solve common frustrations experienced by consumers of streaming services.

“Flixi is your movie and TV assistant,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It gives you Movie & TV recommendations that suit your personal tastes.” The app lets users track their favorite shows regardless of what network they’re on. It also informs users when shows are canceled or renewed.

The app performs Movie & TV tracking, providing users with AI-powered recommendations that grow more accurate over time as the user interacts with the app. For example, the app tracks the user’s favorite actors and show so they don’t’ miss any episodes or films. Flixi also helps the user build a social group to share entertainment recommendations with one another.

Flixi addresses one of the great paradoxes of the modern entertainment era: too many choices lead viewers to feel as if they are missing out on their favorite experiences. Or, they feel as if they are simply losing track of what they want to watch. Industry research reveals that 57% of viewers feel that shows they like to disappear from streaming services. The consensus is “a good show is hard to find,” despite an abundance of programming available.

Flixi is available for iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded at Flixi’s website or directly in Google and Apple’s stores for free.

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