Move over Smart Shopping, eCommerce brings ‘Artificial Intelligent’ shopping

In a quick shopping era of click, pay and collect; several ecommerce players are providing the advantage of smarter shopping through various additional offerings – thanks to the Artificial Intelligence revolution in ecommerce.

Having realized that it is crucial for e-tailers to be quick in picking up on things and confident in applying learned skills and knowledge, ecommerce players are upgrading their software and attempting to make online shopping a smoother and intelligent experience for their customers. AI is helping e-commerce players in simplifying image search, automated meta-tag generation and real-time recommendation; and thus, making it possible for companies to engage with customers for a longer duration and grabbing their attention with more than what they came looking for.  Adding to their benefit, AI is also helping e-tailers solve a host of problems including natural understanding of language, language translation, question answering, product recommendations, product search and future trend forecasting through the vast repository of data they have collected over years of operation.

Right from Myntra to Fynd and Amazon to Flipkart, companies are investing heavily in AI software and pushing their boundaries to do more for their customers in terms of their offerings, customers support and customized services.  For example, Fynd…

A number of AI focused companies like Locus, Staqu and Mad Street Den are supporting the players by helping them automate the massive manual tasks in ecommerce.

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