Ridaex Arya 1- Android Smart LED TV Loaded With Ton Features

 Ridaex Arya 1- Android Smart LED TV Loaded With Ton Features

Ridaex recently unveiled its Flagship Android LED TV’s name and its breathtaking features. In a recent interview with the CEO Mr. Naveen Srinivas he revealed that the upcoming series ” Arya 1 ” is about to release by the end of MAY 2020.   

The ” Arya 1 ” series will be the most powerful and advanced LED TV every built with a POP-UP Camera, Gaming Lapboard, Open Source Hybrid Android Platform with Hyperlocal TAT-3H Service Facility and many more.

He also spoke about 5 core values of Ridaex product design, built and services.  He also agreed to the point that his teams are constantly working since the past 17 months including the final testing and release preparations.

Though all the specifications of the Arya 1 LED TV are not been announced officially, there are a great number of rumors of launching with Latest and Very Secure Android Version, Higher RAM, Variable Internal Storage, Powerful Processor, Dual Bad WiFi Connectivity, Google Assistant, Video Conferencing Facility, Gaming Facility High Refresh Rate & Brightness Nits and Default Extendable Wallmount. 

Just not with the wonderful product, Ridaex effort and planning of Hyperlocal TAT-3H Services also seems to be much more practical and reliable for consumers, the financial benefit for the localized trained television technicians and massive growth to the brand equity in the market with self-describing ads and service locations. 

Taking the core principles of the brand into serious consideration, we are also able to guess that the price will be most economical and expecting to compete with brands like Mi and Vu TVs easily. 

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