Smart Home gift ideas for this Diwali

 Smart Home gift ideas for this Diwali

As Diwali is approaching and techies out there are hunting for smart gift ideas for there loved ones.

Here we are to help you find perfect smart home gifts this Diwali.

1.       Syska Smart Light 7W LED Bulb


Diwali is a festival of lights and what is better than integrating your home into a smart one with Syska Smart Bulb. Syska offers different light colours for different moods! Wi-Fi enabled Syska Smart Light 7W LED Bulb works with Alexa enabled devices. It is a smart bulb that uses a wireless technology that allows you to control the lighting of your home from anywhere in the world. It offers 3 million shades and different tones to make any occasion extra special. With Syska’s smart bulb, you can change the mood of your space within seconds through a mobile app called the “Syska Smart Home LED”. The product is priced for Rs. 1,299.

2.       Syska Smart Plug

Syska Plug with Power Meter

The concept of connecting one smart device to many devices is quite interesting. Syska Mini Smart Plug has made it possible by ushering comfort and convenience in your life. With just one click through the Syska Smart Home App, you can control any connected device using the Syska Smart Plug with Power Meter. The power meter is enabled to monitor voltage consumption of any device connected with the Syska Smart Plug. All the data ever collected by the power meter can be accessed via the Syska Smart Home App. Get this product for just INR 2,599/- on leading e-commerce platforms.

3.       Goldmedal i-Touch Switches

Goldmedal i-Touch wifi switch

Goldmedal’s i-Touch Wi-Fi switches are equipped with a micro controller chip that saves all the parameters pre-set by the user, hence making it easy to operate. The switches can also be controlled remotely using a remote control and voice commands from any part of the globe using the i-World mobile app. With the i-World app, a user can control and know the status of and even set scenes that control a series of switches at a pre-defined time. The app can also be synced with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Goldmedal i-Touch Wi-Fi switches are availableoffline at retail outlets for INR 5,900/- onwards.

4. Goldmedal DUOS LED light



Goldmedal’s DUOS LED light offers a dual lighting solution; it can function both as a down light and as a mood light with light emitting from its sides. The two lights can either be used independently or together to create a beautiful illumination all round. DUOS is incredibly simple to use—depending on the desired lighting option. Designed with an integrated driver, DUOS is also detachable from the front, which allows for a hassle-free installation, removal and replacement. Its light weight further adds to the overall convenience. Goldmedal’s DUOS LED light is available at all major retail outlets at a starting price of Rs. 560/-.

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