Syska Reverb C2 bluetooth earphones full review – Well formed, Comfortable & Class Sound

 Syska Reverb C2 bluetooth earphones full review – Well formed, Comfortable & Class Sound

We reviewed a newly launched Reverb C2 by Syska – a Bluetooth earphone, something everyone craves for.
So let’s check out how this earphone lives up to its promises in our following review.

Syska reverb C2 earphones

Design & Build Quality :
Out of the box, I enjoyed how solidly built these earphones are. It’s an in-ear design. But soft ear tips on the top felt very comfortable overall.
The design of Reverb C2 makes wearing the it look very cool and also comes with an Anti-winding cable. The neckband of Syska Reverb C2 is designed quite well with a resulting outstanding comfort. Thanks to their rubberized but smooth pleasant to the skin finish.
The earphones itself are solidly built with a bullet-like design, with the Syska branding on both the earbuds, and the USB charging slot for battery cover on the right one. Despite the battery on the right, the weight on both sides is well balanced, and it will feel a little heavy overall if you are not used to with the Bluetooth earphones.
The multi function button are placed on right side, The top two buttons are volume rockers and to adjust track speed and the third button is for Play/Pause/Power/Pair. These buttons gives a nice feedback to clicks, and should last very long.
In addition to this , their housing’s inherited shape and their angled nozzles give them a highly comfortable fit that makes them wearable for hour without a single discomfort or pain issue.

Inside the box :
The Syska Reverb C2 earphones unboxing results in 3 pairs of ear gel, micro USB cable, User manual/Warranty card and obviously earphone!

Sound Quality :
All that matter for a earphone is delivering consistent quality of music with a balance of music and vocals. And the Syska Reverb C2 delivers just about that.
The mids are not very high, and they contrast very well with the heavy bass of these earphones. If you listen to streaming services, the vocals might get dominated by bass and overall music, but pure song quality of high bit rates provided the equal level of preference on both.
I was very impressed with the intimate level of music these earphones can deliver, with a feeling that it’s being produced just around you and for you.
The microphone provided very good quality while on call, and in-ear noise separation makes it very pleasant to use these for calling.

Battery Life :
Battery of Reverb C2 takes about two and half hour to get fully charged, and it can go 4 to 5 hours on consistent usage or 300 hours of standby time. A very satisfactory battery life and for normal use these earphones can go upto two days with just a single charge.

Price : Available on flipkart with the price tag of Rs. 2599/-

Conclusion :
The Syska Reverb C2 earphone has an out-of-the box and uneqed sound signature that is overall gentle with a fun bass response but that does not sound too much muffled nor excessively congested. Smooth and Gentle are two words that perfectly describe them.
I will highly recommend this headphone as ‘100% worth buy’, especially for using it outdoors!

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