Unlock your canon DSLR’s potential

 Unlock your canon DSLR’s potential

If you want to open your Canon camera’s eyes to a whole new world of software features (and if you don’t mind potentially invalidating its warranty), give this free firmware add-on a spin: –

Install the software.

  • Go to magiclantern.fm and find your Canon model.
  • Now download the files and copy them onto a blank memory card that you’ve just formatted in your camera.
  • Find the lantern.
  • Put the card into your camera and run the firmware update to install Magic Lantern.
  • Restart it, then press the delete button to access the ML menus with dozens of new options.
  • Get tweaking.

Our favourite features include Magic Zoom – which provides a magnified preview of your video subject to help you keep it in focus, and the intervalometer – for setting up time-lapse without the need for extra hardware

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