This valentine go solo

 This valentine go solo

It may sound very unromantic and out of the theme to talk about valentines day for single, but there are plenty of ideas for how you can celebrate your v-day, which may work as a special day for singles.
So go ahead and fear not, You can be happy as a single on Valentine’s Day. Resist the pressure to couple up if it doesn’t happen to be the time for you, and celebrate the moment.
Just because you currently aren’t cuffed up doesn’t mean you need to sit V-Day out. In fact, it may even be more fun if you’re unattached.

1. Love your singleness: Think about all the marvelous benefits of being single, from keeping your living space as clean or as messy as you’d like to not fighting over small things. There will be no compromises and you will be having extra free time for your hobbies.

2. Your wallet won’t suffer for love: If your are dating it is very much obvious that you will have to plan things for your bae and that may cost too much, you are free from all those expenses, like gifts, dinner. You can save that money and gift yourself something that you have need of.

3. Spend your day exploring more: Pack your single gang and plan to explore something new and different. You can go on a road trip to totally new place.

4. Spend your day with god: If you are religious spending your day with almighty is also good , you can worship and spend your day at temple .

5. Remember your first love, your family: The very first and the most eligible love this day can be spent with , plan the day with your family prepare delicious food or you can go out for meal. Speak your heart out in front of your family.

6. Pamper yourself in a parlor : As everyone will be busy with their loved ones , book an appointment for yourself in a parlor and spent a relaxing day pampering yourself.


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  • Truly said.. excellent presented d benefits of being single!!

  • Well said.U have given me so many reasons to enjoy my valentines day in my way.

  • very nice

  • Very well said , but these benefits are good at the time of reading them only ?

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